Memoir No. 6: Paralobesia (Lepidoptera: Tortricidae), a systematic revision

LepSoc Memoir No. 6: Paralobesia (Lepidoptera: Tortricidae), a systematic revision

Hanna Royals, Jean-François Landry, Todd Gilligan, 2019. Paper. (ISBN 978-1-7342874-0-0) 149 pages. Glossy full color.

Paralobesia is a genus of small moths in the family Tortricidae that is found primarily in North America. The genus has not been revised in close to 100 years, and many of the species have interesting host plant associations. This volume presents the results of a comprehensive systematic revision of Paralobesia. It combines information from morphology, DNA barcodes, and host plant data to provide diagnoses for all 43 species in the genus. The authors reexamine the morphological characters that define the genus, test monophyly of the genus using DNA data, and provide evidence that Paralobesia is indeed separate from Lobesia. Included are redescriptions of 17 previously described species, descriptions of 23 new species, 135 color photos of adults and 72 illustrations of male and female genitalia.

This is the first Memoir produced by the Society in nearly 20 years! Printed by Allen Press in full color on the same quality paper as the Journal, the new Memoir is 149 pages and is available now!

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