Apodemia mormo by Chris Grinter

Eupackardia calleta by David Wagner
Schinia villosa by Chris Grinter
Adelpha eulalia by David Wagner
Xanthothrix neumoegeni by Chris Grinter
Callophrys dumetorum by Chris Grinter
Scevesia angustiora by David Wagner
Xanthothrix ranunculi by Chris Grinter
Ponometia venustula by David Wagner
Lycaena heteronea by Chris Grinter
Sphingicampa raspa by David Wagner
Polygonia interrogationis by Todd Gilligan
Oligocentria "pallida" by David Wagner
Schinia ligeae by Chris Grinter
Cucullia lilacina by David Wagner
Eurytides marcellus by Todd Gilligan
Chlosyne palla by Chris Grinter
Phoebis sennae by David Wagner
Heliolonche joaquinensis by Chris Grinter
Schinia gaurae by David Wagner
Satyrium californica cygnus by Chris Grinter
Plebejus acmon by Chris Grinter
Acronicta lupini by Chris Grinter
Ancyloxypha numitor by Chris Grinter
Parnassius smintheus sayii by Todd Gilligan
Sphinx dollii by David Wagner
Euphydryas anicia cloudcrofti by Chris Grinter
Dasylophia seriata by David Wagner
Papilio zelicaon by Chris Grinter
Notocrypta waigensis proserpina by Todd Gilligan

Welcome to The Lepidopterists’ Society! We are a non-profit international organization that promotes the study and appreciation of Lepidoptera (butterflies and moths). The Society was founded in 1947 on the principles of uniting amateurs and professionals in the scientific study of Lepidoptera. We currently have approximately 1,000 members in more than 40 countries, including researchers, educators, conservationists, collectors, watchers, photographers, and students of all ages. Although many professional entomologists are active in the Society, the majority of our members are amateur naturalists who are passionate about observing, collecting, and studying butterflies and moths both locally and globally.