Monographs Published by The Society

The Lepidopterists' Society Commemorative Volume 1945-1973

Compiled by Roy O. Kendall, Edited by Harry K. Clench and Theodore D. Sargent, 1977

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Memoir No. 3: Supplement to A Catalogue / Checklist of Butterflies of America North of Mexico

Edited by Clifford D. Ferris, 1989. Paper. (ISBN 0-930282-04-3)

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Memoir No. 4: Foodplants of World Saturniidae

Stephen E. Stone, 1991. Paper.(ISBN 0-930282-05-1)

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Memoir No. 5: Basic Techniques for Observing and Studying Moths and Butterflies.

William D. Winter, Jr., 2000. Paper. (ISBN 0-930282-07-8) 444 pages including 15 appendices.

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